🏈 Zach Wilson to Denver & NFL Draft Gossip

The night before the night before is upon us...

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Report: All 32 NFL teams may trade up, or they may not. Stay tuned for more…

In today’s Fantasy Life Newsletter presented by BetMGM:

  • Zach Wilson to the Broncos plus NFL Draft gossip

  • LSU WR Brian Thomas Jr. might not make it past pick No. 20

  • What Now? Draft Diligence

  • It’s 4/23. Take it away, Ian Hartitz…

In roughly 55 hours the 2024 NFL Draft will officially be upon us.

Of course, that didn’t stop the NFL world from providing a draft week QB trade and some juicy new gossip surrounding two of the offseason’s biggest names.

👀 The Broncos have a new potential QB1

And his name is Zach Wilson!

The deal got done with a late-round pick swap. Kudos to the former second-overall selection for making some cool throws over the years, but at the end of the day: Wilson plays the position the same way I would imagine Patrick Mahomes would … if he was forced to play every game blackout drunk.

There simply isn’t an advanced stat out there that paints the MILF hunter Wilson as anything other than one of the worst QBs in football.

Wilson among 43 QBs with 500-plus dropbacks since 2021

  • EPA per dropback: -0.161 (42nd)

  • Completion percentage over expected: -6.3% (43rd)

  • PFF pass grade: 50.5 (43rd)

  • Passer rating: 73.2 (43rd)

  • Yards per attempt: 6.3 (39th)

Maybe the presence of Sean Payton will magically have Wilson playing every game like he did vs. the Chiefs on Sunday night football last season, but until then? It’s fair to call Wilson, Jarrett Stidham and Ben DiNucci the worst QB room in the NFL — and it doesn’t seem particularly close.

🤔 Who is Washington taking with the No. 2 overall pick?

Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter: The signs continue to point to Washington taking LSU QB Jayden Daniels. This isn’t particularly surprising in the grand scheme of the offseason, although there has been some recent heat behind Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy and North Carolina QB Drake Maye in various betting markets.

Should Daniels eventually earn the nod, he’ll immediately be in the borderline QB1 conversation thanks to that sweet, sweet rushing uspide. Here’s how Daniels’ fantasy points per game from only rushing production in his final season stacks up against some other notable dual-threat signal-callers:

  • Lamar Jackson: 20.6

  • Jalen Hurts: 17.8

  • Jayden Daniels: 14.5

  • Kyler Murray: 12.3

  • Anthony Richardson: 10

  • Justin Fields: 8

😬 Rashee Rice suspension update

ESPN’s Adam Schefter noted, “Rice is expected to be disciplined by the NFL, resulting in at least a multigame suspension.” The news doesn’t come as a shock, but the latter five words certainly paint a picture of a potentially prolonged absence for the rising second-year talent.

While guys like Marquise Brown and Travis Kelce could see an uptick in targets during Rice’s immediate absence, it’s worth wondering if this saga could additionally entice the Chiefs into investing one of their three top-100 picks at the position.

Fantasy Life’s Matthew Freedman previously had the Chiefs turn to speedy Texas WR Xavier Worthy, but he’s changed it up with Texas WR A.D. Mitchell in his latest mock draft.

While Mitchell’s lack of career dominance has led to an underwhelming overall score in Dwain McFarland’s Rookie WR Super Model, the 21-year-old talent boasts an enticing combination of size (6’2”, 205 pounds) and speed (4.34-second 40-yard dash) that helped lead to more than a few tantalizing highlights over the years.

If only there was a way we as a society could put our money where our mocks are … oh wait!

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NFL Draft rumors are beginning to swirl...

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Around the Watercooler (August 2022)

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🤮 The Broncos released their new-look uniforms. They stole UTSA’s whole flow!

🐐 "The Roast of Tom Brady” airs live on Netflix this Sunday. -350 odds Peyton is there.

👀 Dane Brugler has heard the Steelers LOVE this WR. The organization certainly knows how to pick ‘em.

🐆 South Carolina WR Xavier Legette believes he has a suitor in early Round 2. The passing game sure could use some help.

🏌️ Drake Maye vs. J.J. McCarthy in … Top Golf? Now there’s a quality rivalry origin story.

🤣 Patriots President Jonathan Kraft is “heavily involved” in the team’s decision-making with the No. 3 pick. What could go wrong?

Cooterdoodle's What Now? Draft Diligence Fantasy Life

The fantasy football season might be over, but we are NOT ready to unplug. Cooterdoodle is here to keep our minds in check by asking the age-old, evergreen question: “What Now?”

😥 What Now? Draft Diligence

We’ve somehow slugged our way through (in my opinion) the sluggiest part of the offseason.

Sure, some whirlwind signings and trades have happened since February, and that’s not nothing. But there comes a time when we desperately need reality to catch up with us before we can move further into speculative delusion.

Lucky for us, the NFL draft starts Thursday, so we have 48 hours to do our due diligence and prepare for what’s coming! Our draft diligence … if you will.

🤝 Required Care

It’s time that we take the necessary precautions for draft day, which includes some self-care, too. If we’re going to enjoy the draft, we’ve got to mitigate any potential problems that may arise.

Remember when TNF aired on Prime and your folks called throughout the entirety of the first quarter because they couldn’t “find the game” now that “television isn’t what it used to be.”

We’re not getting caught up in that battle. Not this time, Mom and Dad: Ways to watch the 2024 NFL Draft.

Check your parents’ internet provider and connection speeds. Check their antennae and satellites. Sh*t, you might as well go for a visit and place fresh new batteries in their remotes!

It may seem silly, but if you put the work and care in now, you won’t have to lift a finger once the Bears are on the clock. You’re welcome.

🗣️ Appropriate Attention

Your family and friends are important, but this is the 2024 rookie class that we’re talking about here. We’ve got to give these draft picks some serious attention.

But, “with great attention spans, comes great responsibility.” - Peter Parker if he was an NFL fan.

You need to assess your likelihood of distraction on draft day. No really, what’s going to get in your way?

Do you live a lifestyle that requires children to be fed in 10-minute intervals? Maybe a large charcuterie-style snack tray could ward off a few waves of interruptions.

Is your significant other intending to watch alongside you, but naive to the ins and outs of the draft process that may require some explanations? Catch them up to speed now! But pro-tip: don’t robotically spit off facts. You’re interested in the narratives, not just the analytics — and they will be, too.

Why not start off with The Treacherous Tale of Justin Fields. Once upon a time, in 2021, there was a QB sent to save a franchise…

Take care of your loose ends and give attention where it’s needed. Do your Draft Diligence now to reap the rewards on draft day.

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