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In today’s Fantasy Life Newsletter presented by Underdog Fantasy:

  • Is this Giants offense once again doomed to fail?

  • Watercooler: The Rams and Texans get a trade done

  • Best Ball Bankroll Management: Professor Pete is in the building

  • It’s 5/10. Take it away, Ian Hartitz…

Thursday was relatively quiet in the fantasy football world … other than the Giants adding a former Pro Bowl WR to their offense! Cue the purposely misleading old highlight video tweets.

Maybe Allen Robinson (31 in August) still has some gas in the tank, although his most recent one-year stints with the Rams (33-339-3) and Steelers (34-280-0) didn’t exactly inspire a ton of confidence. The fit is also peculiar, considering the Giants already employ roughly 147 slot receivers.

Ultimately, it’s more likely than not that A-Rob simply becomes another sad name to the growing list of mediocre or past-their-prime WRs to suit up for the Giants over the past few seasons. With all due respect to No. 6 overall pick Malik Nabers: There’s a better-than-decent chance Daniel Jones is once again forced to operate with anyone’s idea of a bottom-five supporting cast.

We can get an idea of how good a QB's offensive environment is by averaging a team's PFF rushing, receiving, pass blocking and run blocking grades (everything except passing). It's not a picture-perfect formula (what is?), but the results at least match the eye test in New York.

Giants rank in Supporting Cast Rating:

  • 2023: No. 32

  • 2022: No. 21

  • 2021: No. 30

  • 2020: No. 31

  • 2019: No. 23

Whether it was the often mediocre offensive line, unproven and usually meh group of pass-catchers, or even a banged-up and largely past-his-prime Saquon Barkley: It's safe to say Jones has been dealt one of the worst hands of any QB since being drafted with the No. 6 overall pick of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Of course, the Giants’ $160 million franchise QB also hasn’t exactly put his best foot forward for more years than not.

Jones EPA per dropback and completion percentage over expected (CPOE):

  • 2023: -0.211 EPA per dropback (No. 44), +0.3% CPOE (No. 21)

  • 2022: +0.114 (No. 14), +2.3% (No. 11)

  • 2021: +0.012 (No. 29), -0.8% (No. 26)

  • 2020: -0.019 (No. 37), -2.2% (No. 36)

  • 2019: -0.021 (No. 34), -1.9% (No. 31)

A potentially improved offensive line (PFF’s reigning 30th-ranked unit can't get much worse) and the aforementioned addition of Nabers (he's really good!) should help, but then again, that's if Jones manages to return to full form following last year’s season-ending ACL injury (the neck stuff isn’t ideal either). Guys like Daniel Jeremiah have even added credence to the idea that Drew Lock could win this starting job.

At the end of the day, this Giants offense has ranked 30th or worse in scoring during three of the last four seasons. Here’s to hoping Jones — or A-Rob, why the hell not — can ignite a spark and help put a rare smile on the faces of faithful New York-invested fantasy managers.

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Fantasy Life Underdog Fantasy Best Ball Bankroll Management

Best ball summer is here, baby.

Of course, simply throwing yourself into the fire isn’t maybe the best decision. It’s important to have a plan for both general draft strategy and perhaps even more importantly: Bankroll management.

Enter: Professor Pete, who is here to offer guidance on how to best manage your best ball portfolio depending on what type of drafter you identify as.

On Wednesday, Underdog Fantasy dropped three new contests, all of them with low-dollar price points:

  • The Puppy ($5 150 max)

  • The Chihuahua ($4 25 max)

  • The Golden ($10 single entry)

Bankroll management and contest selection are both hugely important elements of being a successful fantasy player and are also completely unique to each individual drafter.

Below, I'm going to share my advice on how to think through these decisions so you can get the most enjoyment (and bang for your buck) out of best ball summer as possible.

💰 Determine what your goals are (and your bankroll)

The first thing you need to determine is what your goals are. I would bucket the typical drafter into one of four categories:

  • Low-stakes edge grinder

  • Low-stakes best ball enjoyer

  • Mid- to high-stakes edge grinder

  • Mid- to high-stakes best ball enjoyer

When I say "edge grinder," I mean a drafter who cares about building the best possible team, is consuming best ball strategy content, staying up to date on news and drafting only in contests that have solid payout structures where their skill can be rewarded.

When I say "best ball enjoyer" I'm speaking more about a casual drafter who just loves drafting and gets entertainment value out of hopping in drafts. They are less concerned with every single strategic angle and micro edge when drafting.

The low-stakes vs. high-stakes element is more straightforward. I consider most contests with an entry fee under $10 as low stakes. I consider contests between $25-$75 as mid-stakes. And then anything over $100 buy-in as a high-stakes contest.

If your goal is simply to have fun and do a couple of practice mock drafts before the start of the season, you can hop in any of the low-stakes contests.

If your goal is to realize the best possible return on your investment (which does entail locking your money up for months because these contests won't pay out until January 2025), then you need to hunt for smaller contests with smoother payouts.

Once you determine what kind of drafter you are and what your bankroll is, you can start shopping around for the right contests.

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