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191 days until the 2024 NFL Kickoff Game...

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Combine week is a helluva drug…

In today’s Fantasy Life Newsletter presented by Hugo Boss:

  • Derrick Henry, Austin Ekeler, and more won’t get the franchise tag

  • Marvin Harrison Jr. and Malik Nabers won’t run at the combine

  • What Now? The best part of waking up is OMAHA! OMAHA!

  • It’s 2/27. Take it away, Ian Hartitz…

Monday was not a good day for #TeamPayRBs. Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, none of Derrick Henry, Saquon Barkley, Austin Ekeler, Josh Jacobs nor Tony Pollard are expected to receive the franchise tag ahead of 2024.

On the one hand, this leaves the door open for each veteran RB to earn a long-term extension that suits their financial needs.

On the other, the pricey eight-figure franchise tag afforded to the position might wind up looking pretty enticing compared to what these backs could see on the open market. None exactly put their best foot forward in 2023.

Tru Media RB missed tackles forced and yards after contact per carry in 2023 (min. 150 carries)

Of course, evaluating RB performance is rarely cut-and-dry; arguably, no other position is more dependent on their teammates on a per-play basis.

Some glass-half-full optimism on each marquee RB ahead of free agency:

  • Derrick Henry’s yards per carry have fallen off in recent years, but that’s been far more due to the Titans’ offensive line regressing in a major way than any issue with his own ability to pick up yards after contact.

  • Saquon Barkley racked up 1,242 total yards and 10 TDs in 14 games behind PFF’s 30th-ranked offensive line in 2023. There’s already some mutual interest going on with the Texans.

  • Austin Ekeler never looked fully healthy after suffering a high ankle sprain in Week 1. Reminder: The long-time fantasy king has a league-high 44 TDs since 2021.

  • Josh Jacobs turned 26 in February and is just one season removed from working as the NFL’s rushing king. Only Henry (68) has more rushing TDs than Jacobs (46) over the last five years.

  • Tony Pollard said he didn’t feel “back” from injury until Week 11 last year… and then he went ahead and worked as PFF’s highest-graded rusher for the rest of the season.

Maybe the salary cap increase leads to some splurges at the position in free agency. That would be great for the involved players, although the fantasy football history of RBs signing with new teams in the off-season is, well, horrendous.

Get your popcorn ready for legal tampering szn. The RB landscape is about to get WILD in a hurry.

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Cooterdoodle's What Now? Fantasy Life

The fantasy football season might be over, but we are NOT ready to unplug. Cooterdoodle is here to keep our minds in check by asking the age-old, evergreen question: “What Now?”

😅​​ What Now? Fill the Void

With our first taste of 2024 football coming in the form of NFL Combine coverage this week, you may have found yourself with some free time on your hands since the season ended.

Sure, “regular” people with “better things to do” won’t be thinking about football for at least five more months. But you and I have been itching for anything we can get our hands on.

You are not alone.

And while combine clips will satiate (Editor’s Note: Cool word) us for a little while, we still need to find ways to get our football fix until the 2024 season commences.

It’s pretty simple, honestly. To fill the void, you just need to incorporate ball into everything, man. And I do mean EVERYTHING.

Cooterdoodle's What Now? Fantasy Life

☕ Morning Routines

I am not speaking in hyperbole. It’s time to take all of the best parts of football and spice up our daily lives by sprinkling in a few niche references and inside jokes into our day-to-day routines.

I know most of you start your days with that hot bean water. But when you go to your local coffee shop, you’re not obligated to give them your legal name assigned to you at birth.

So the next time they ask, absolutely nothing is stopping you from using your old fantasy football team name.

“Order up for Badonk-a-gronk!”

Or, if you’re feeling really nostalgic, why not invoke a little inspiration via Peyton Manning?

The best part of waking up is OMAHA! OMAHA!

💕 Dating Life

Dating can be stressful. You have to get all dressed up into something you don’t typically wear while you’re at home alone. You have to prepare for almost any scenario (you never know where the night might take you). I mean… it’s not ALL that different from being an NFL QB.

So the next time you find yourself out on a date, take a page out of your favorite QB’s playbook. Just ask yourself what any good playcaller would do. 

You can prepare for anything if you have the right accessories.

🏡 Family Time

Now that the football season is over, I need you to hear me loud and clear: It’s time to put your family first. No, seriously…

You need to:

1. Make sure that your kids are aware of any and all NFL rule changes so they don’t look like the San Francisco 49ers on game day.

2. Educate your family on which teams you’ll all be allowed to root for next year. This should be a united front.

3. And lastly, be sure to incorporate all the greatest cinematic hits on family movie night.

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