🎆 The Legend In Kansas City Grows

After a controversial ending...


I hope Donna is happy (because her son Jason lost)...

In today’s Fantasy Life Newsletter presented by Zingeroo:

  • The Chiefs are your Super Bowl Champions

  • Bud Light Six Pack Recap: Top performances

  • OverReaction Monday. Great game, horrible ending.

  • It’s 2/13. Take it away, Peter Overzet…

We'll never know if Jalen Hurts and the Eagles would have mounted a final game-winning drive with 90 seconds left on the clock.

Or maybe they would have sent the game to overtime.

It doesn't matter, though. We'll never know.

An otherwise all-time great Super Bowl was robbed of a potential storybook finish thanks to a sketchy holding call on a third-down incompletion that would have forced a field goal from the Chiefs.

But what's done is done and now it's time to soak in what Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, and this Chiefs team just accomplished.

Chiefs Champion

In the coming weeks, months, and (let's be honest) years, there is going to be lots of GOAT debate between Mahomes and Tom Brady. We can table that discussion here, though, and just list the facts. The 27 year-old Mahomes now has:

  • 2 Super Bowl rings (& 2 Super Bowl MVPs)

  • 2 MVPs

  • 5 AFC Championship Game appearances

  • 5 Division Titles

  • 5 straight 12-win seasons

Mahomes didn't do it all on his own (more on the other big performances below), but he's undeniably on a legendary trajectory.

Congrats, Chiefs fans. Soak it in.

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Peter is here to share his six big takeaways from the Big Game compliments of our friends over at Bud Light. Let's crack open that six pack, Pete...

🍺 1. Mahomes is a wizard

The legacy conversation will likely out-shadow what Mahomes did in this game specifically, but his insane performance yesterday cannot be overstated.

Thanks to his offensive line allowing zero sacks, he was able to pass for 3 TDs on only 27 attempts and rush for 44 yards (including his longest scamper of the season). And he did it all while battling another re-aggravation to his ankle.

To zoom out even further, he put together this season after the team let his best WR, Tyreek Hill, leave to the Dolphins. Just insane stuff.

🍺 2. Jalen Hurts put the team on his back

If you play this game a hundred times, Hurts wins the MVP 50ish times. He was that good and it's a shame that this performance will likely be lost to the sands of time. But let's celebrate it now: 304 yards passing and 1 TD, 70 yards rushing and 3 TDs, and a handful of clutch QB sneaks to extend drives.

Those 70 rushing yards and 3 TDs are both records for a QB in a Super Bowl, btw.

This isn't the last we've seen of Jalen Hurts in the Super Bowl. He'll be back very soon.

🍺 3. Travis wins the Kelce battle

There's been one constant in the Chiefs passing offense all season and it's been Kelce. He put up another one of his ho-hum 6-81-1 lines and gave the Eagles defense fits all game. He now has the second most playoff receiving TDs (16) in NFL history, as well as one of the more absurd TD celebrations in NFL history.

Similar to Cooper Kupp last year, bettors nailed it once again with the most popular wager in the game:

And here's your obligatory mention of Travis and Jason enjoying a nice moment at the end of the game.

bud light six pack

🍺 4. DeVonta, AJB and Goedert balled out

Hurts led the way, but DeVonta Smith (7-100), A.J. Brown (6-96-1), and Dallas Goedert (6-60) all made big plays to keep the Eagles alive in this game.

Both Smith and Brown caught a deep shot, with Brown's going for a TD. And Goedert played like he had Stickum on his hands with a couple of unreal catches.

I don't think there's a better pass catching trio in the league.

🍺 5. Kadarius Toney, the true X-Factor

We called Toney the X-Factor earlier in the week, and that's exactly what played out. He didn't get many touches—his m.o. for the entire season—but he maximized the times he did.

He converted his one target for a TD on a nifty play design and also had a 65-yard punt return to set up a TD drive in the 4th quarter.

Just imagine if he could ever stay healthy for a full season...

🍺 6. Isiah Pacheco ran like a mad man

The Chiefs needed a spark early in this game and the 7th round rookie RB delivered just that. He rushed for 76 yards on 15 carries, found the end zone, and absorbed some insane hits.

Many assumed (myself included) that this would be Jerick McKinnon's backfield in the playoffs, but Pacheco wrestled it away and never gave it back.

It will be interesting to see where he lands in drafts next years.

Around the Watercooler (August 2022)

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📺 The commercial that freaked everyone out. Well played.

🏟️ The field for the Super Bowl was a mess. $800,000 down the drain.

👎 The NFL fumbles the Pat Tillman story. Again.

😢 The coach who balled his eyes out during the anthem. And it wasn't Andy Reid.

🙌 Damar Hamlin at the Super Bowl. Hanging with the GOAT and LeBron James.

Overreaction monday

We're humans who play fantasy football, which means we are prone to overreact. Today, Kendall leads us in overreacting to the Super Bowl...

🎥 Horrible ending, incredible game

Wow. Two teams that were the best in the league throughout the whole season put on one hell of a show.

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs trailed almost the whole first three quarters of Sunday’s game, but what have we learned? We can almost never bet against Mahomes and Co.

Seriously, down 10 points at halftime (in what most would agree was a slow start for the Chiefs) — there is probably no one else you would rather have leading your team. They scored 24 points after halftime to pull off the 38-35 win against the Eagles and notched their second Super Bowl win in four seasons.

OF COURSE, we can’t talk about this game without talking about the penalty. On 3rd-and-8 with under two minutes to go, James Bradberry was called for holding on JuJu Smith-Schuster. Watch this and tell us what you think.

Here’s the thing, I think we are more disappointed that’s how this incredible game ended. Even Bradberry admitted it was holding, but he was hoping the referees would let it slide. AHHHHH.

The third highest-scoring Super Bowl and a great back-and-forth between two dominant teams and THAT is how it ends? I’ll accept it, but we don’t have to like it! Oh yeah, and congratulations to the Chiefs.

OverReaction Monday SB

🏆 Jalen Hurts put up an MVP performance

Come on, Jalen Hurts put on a damn show on Sunday night.

Not only was he the first quarterback to have three rushing touchdowns in the Super Bowl, but he also broke the Super Bowl quarterback rushing record as well.

Hurts said postgame he knows he will learn from this loss: “You decide if you want to learn from it … I know what I’ll do.”

The Eagles asked Hurts to play superhero in this game, but one of the bigger mistakes that somewhat changed the momentum (and came back to haunt them) was his fumble in the second quarter. Besides that, Hurts was everything and more.

He has arrived and he is here to stay. Hurts has one season left on his rookie contract, so the negotiation window with the Eagles has begun. We will see how valued he is to the Eagles organization, but one thing we do know is that he had a purpose before anyone had an opinion.

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