🏆 The Chiefs Enter Dynasty Mode

Mahomes is inevitable...

Swifties win, Shanahan loses. What a world…

In today’s Fantasy Life Newsletter presented by Underdog Fantasy:

  • Patrick Mahomes on the GOAT trajectory

  • Unsung heroes steal the show

  • Ian’s Super Bowl Wrap-Up: The Patrick Mahomes experience

  • It’s 2/12. Take it away, Peter Overzet…

This was the year to knock off the Chiefs.

They faltered in the regular season. Patrick Mahomes looked mortal. They couldn’t get any other pass catchers to step up. They faced an impossible gauntlet to the Super Bowl, including two road games against the AFC’s best.

But in the end, it didn’t matter.

Super Bowl Champs

Great teams win and great players find a way to win.

The 49ers made plenty of mistakes—a CMC fumble, a Luter fumble, a Moody extra point—and the Chiefs took advantage.

The Chiefs are not only back-to-back Super Bowl champions, but now have three titles in the last five seasons.

That’s what we call a dynasty.

As for Mahomes, the 3x Super Bowl champ and 3x Super Bowl MVP? Well, he’s on his way to chasing down Brady for GOAT status:

And it doesn’t seem like it’ll be slowing down anytime soon. Travis Kelce already promised another encore and then, yes, embraced his girlfriend, who apparently is the biggest pop star on the planet.

Read on for Ian’s full breakdown from the game. Otherwise, we’re onto the NFL Draft…

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Super Bowl Wrap Up

Ian is here to share his big takeaways from the Super Bowl. Take it away, Ian...

Congrats to Chiefs Kingdom for taking down the 49ers 25-22 and capturing their third Super Bowl title in the last five years. While the game was relatively sloppy (7 total fumbles) and only featured one TD after 40 minutes of action, things escalated quickly down the stretch and led to a memorable back-and-forth overtime thriller.

What follows are seven thoughts on (sadly) the last meaningful NFL game we’ll have the privilege of watching until next September.

Super Bowl Wrap Up

🏆 The Patrick Mahomes experience

As if there was any doubt already: We are truly witnessing greatness in Kansas City. Mahomes now joins Tom Brady (5) and Joe Montana (3) as the only three-time Super Bowl MVP winners after throwing for 333 yards and two TDs to go along with a team-high 66 yards on the ground.

Reminder: Mahomes hasn’t exactly had the luxury of working with the world’s best pass-catchers this season.

No longer equipped with anything resembling consistent downfield threats, No. 15 posted a career-low 6.8-yard average target depth throughout the regular season before winning his two biggest games of the season with lowly marks against the Ravens (5.9) and 49ers (6.4) alike.

Of course, it’s not that Mahomes doesn’t want to go deep; there just hasn’t been a single consistent downfield WR threat in this offense since Tyreek Hill was shipped to Miami two years ago. Kudos to Mecole Hardman for hauling in this b-e-a-utiful bomb on Sunday, but Mahomes didn't complete a pass thrown 10-plus yards downfield after the 9:17 mark in the fourth quarter.

Good news: Mahomes has maintained the ability to consistently kill defenses by extending the plays, even if the result isn’t a dagger deep pass quite as often as it used to be. Nobody has been better at avoiding sacks during his reign of terror – and this skill proved particularly useful against Nick Bosa and company on Sunday night:

  • 2023: 10.6% of pressures resulted in a sack (No. 2 among all qualified QBs)

  • 2022: 9.8% (No. 1)

  • 2021: 13.4% (No. 3)

  • 2020: 9.6% (No. 2)

  • 2019: 11.6% (No. 3)

  • 2018: 13.3% (No. 3)

Overall, Mahomes boasts the position’s lowest pressure-to-sack rate (11.3%) since 2018 among 53 QBs with at least 250 pressured dropbacks, while he also ranked fourth (51.4%) and ninth (31.3%) in first downs and explosive runs per scramble this season. This doesn’t even include his usual witchcraft which inevitably results in chunk gains through the air.

While Mahomes took three sacks against the 49ers, he lost just eight total yards and posted a 9-66-0 rushing line that included five first downs. Turns out taking away the deep ball doesn’t exactly help with, you know, getting the now three-time Super Bowl champion to the ground.

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